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If you are not using your iPod anymore, the time has come to get rid of it. Many people don’t realize that selling their iPods is as easy as pie. At BuyMyPod, we are ready to buy your iPod regardless of its generation or condition. You can sell a iPod touch 2nd generation today and get the money within just a few days or hours. If you’d like to trade in a iPod touch 2nd Generation for cash, we are happy to help you do it. You can get your money as soon as we receive the gadget.

Sometimes it is hard to throw out an expensive device, even if it’s broken. Now you can sell a iPod Touch 2nd Generation 8GB even if it’s no longer functioning. We are ready to accept any device from you and give you a fair price for it. The process is very easy. You don’t even have to go through the registration on our website. Let us know that you want to sell your iPod Touch 2nd Generation 8GB. Tell us about its condition and wait for the free USPS shipping label to arrive at your email box. Print out the label and go to the USPS location to drop off your iPod. Track the parcel at When it arrives at the destination, you can be sure to get your cash within 24 hours.

How Much Is a 2nd Generation iPod Touch Worth?

We can help you get an approximate or exact evaluation of you iPod’s cost on our website. While the final appraisal is done upon receipt, the costs rarely vary even slightly. Give an honest description of your iPod and we’ll tell you how much money you can get for it. Remember, you can sell an iPod in absolutely any condition.

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