Sell iPad 1

If you want to sell your iPad 1 and get money for it today, you can do it right here. At BuyMyPod, we are giving you an opportunity to sell iPad 1 and get a fair amount of money in return. Many people wonder about the best place to sell iPad 1. We believe that the best place is where you get the money fast without too much hassle. In order to sell your first generation iPad on our website, all you have to do is go through three simple steps.

Steps to Selling iPad 1 on BuyMyPod

  • Make a quick condition evaluation of your device. You have to give the specs, the age, and choose the approximate condition.
  • Print out a free USPS shipping label (2-day priority) and go to your nearest USPS location to ship your iPad.
  • Wait for the money to appear on your account. You can take advantage of several payment options.

Sell 1st Generation iPad For Cash Today

We know that many people want to be paid immediately and waiting several days for payment may deter them from taking advantage of our service. That’s why we decided to give our customers a chance to sell iPad 1 within minutes. If you want to get the money in just a couple of hours, take advantage of our “Get Paid Today” option. All you need is a valid PayPal account.

If you choose this payment option, you have to pay a 32% fee. In any case, you can get a substantial amount of money fast. If for some reason we don’t receive the device from you within 3 business days (force majeure excluded), then we’ll have to initiate a dispute to get the money back through PayPal.

Getting a Good Price for Your Old or Broken iPad 1

How much can I sell my iPad 1 for? If you want an immediate answer, you can go the appraisal section on our website. In reality, we can only give you an approximation of the price. When you send your device to our office, we ask specialists to make a professional evaluation and give the final price. If you answered the questions about the iPad honestly, then the price we give you during the online evaluation won’t differ much from the amount you get in the end.

Selling iPad1 today is easy. It’s up to you to make the first step. We are ready to pay you right now.