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We lead the industry in Apple iPod, iPad & electronic buyback programs!

Three Easy Steps

STEP 1) Get your instant cash offer ( We do not give highball quotes, what we offer is what we pay ). All services and cash offers offered on are guaranteed by Norton Shopping Guarantee. Please see details.


STEP 2) Print out the 2-Day Priority USPS Shipping Insured Label we send immediately to your email. Package up your device in any small box, bubble mailer or other package type. Drop off your package at any USPS location or hand it off to your mail carrier from your home or office. Your Cash Offer is valid for up to 30 days from your order date.

STEP 3) We send your payment within 24 hours from when your package is delivered to BuyMyPod (*72 hours for ipod Classic models).  *Must be charged and password free for 24 payment*
4 Payment Options:  PayPal Instant Transfer with no fee, a Check mailed directly to your mailbox First Class mail, Western Union or GET PAID TODAY option.


Get Paid Today Option

Our exclusive “Get Paid Today” option, allows you to receive your funds in under a day (PayPal Required). We process payments between the hours of 11am-2pm est for GPT service. Ship your order out with FedEx Overnight Delivery before 4pm and you will receive your funds in PayPal within 24 hours or less. A service fee of 32% applies for this payment option. We will send you a custom label, FedEx drop off is required for shipping. Items must meet normal condition & specification guidelines. Standard Terms & Conditions apply.

What is Norton Shopping Guarantee?

The Norton Shopping Guarantee allows you to make a claim if we (BuyMyPod) have not performed according to our express terms of service. If a resolution is not obtained from us (BuyMyPod) after going through the steps of the Norton Shopping Guarantee Dispute Resolution Process, then a Norton Claims Specialists will make a determination as to whether the express terms of sale were performed. The Claims Specialist has full discretion in resolving the claim. If the claim is resolved in your (the buyer’s) favor, Norton will reimburse you for the amount of the cash offer price, not to exceed $1,000 USD.

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